Submit an Event

Posting an event on the A&S calendar is quick and easy:

  1. Point your browser to
  2. Click “Submit Event” (upper right-hand corner of screen).
  3. Type in the requested information.
  4. Select both “College of Arts & Sciences” and your department under “Categories.”
  5. Click “Submit.”

The A&S events calendar pulls information directly from the UA calendar database, so submitting an event there is as good as sending it to us — as long as you check the “College of Arts & Sciences” box.

All events entered in the UA calendar system are subject to approval; a link at the bottom of the Categories box provides more information about categories and approval criteria.

We encourage all A&S departments, divisions, and organizations to post their events on the UA calendar. We also encourage you to tell us about your events, particularly if you’d like audio, video, photographic, social media, or other coverage. Keep in mind that the more advance notice you give us, the more assistance we can offer.