A&S Distinguished Teaching Fellowships

The College of Arts & Sciences will recognize two A&S Distinguished Teaching Fellows during the first A&S faculty meeting of the fall semester.  The faculty members so identified will form a teaching advisory board, will be available as mentors for other faculty, will provide advice on the assessment of teaching, will be involved in new faculty orientation, and will work with the college in other ways to improve its overall teaching mission.  The teaching fellows serve in the above ways through their membership on the Arts and Sciences Teaching Fellows Committee.

A&S Teaching Fellows hold the title for three years and each will receive an annual stipend of $3,000.  The stipend will be remitted to the recipients in September of each year.

Nomination and Application Process

Applications are due in electronic format to Associate Dean Tricia McElroy (tmcelroy@ua.edu) in April of each year for the following fall semester.

Nominations take the form of a letter (usually, but not necessarily from the chairperson), a statement of purpose by the candidate, and a portfolio consisting of supporting information.  Examples of the latter include syllabi, letters from colleagues or former students, evaluations, and so on.

The statement of purpose from the candidate should include a summary of his or her teaching philosophy and a statement outlining the goals the candidate would hope to achieve while serving as a teaching fellow.

Associate Dean Tricia McElroy serves as ex-officio convener of the committee.  The committee, composed of current A&S Distinguished Fellows, screens nominations for new Teaching Fellows in the spring and makes recommendations to the dean.  From these recommendations, the dean appoints the two new members for the coming year. 

A&S Distinguished Teaching Fellows