A&S in the News

A&S in the News — Jan. 14–20, 2017

Think your dog talks like people? Scientists say you might just be right Washington Post – Jan. 19 “Oh Long Johnson,” a cat once said, back in the primordial history of Internet memes. “Oh Don Piano. Why I eyes ya.” Or so said the captions — appended to the gibberish of a perturbed house cat… Read more »

A&S in the News – Jan. 7–13

Baboons yak ‘wahoo,’ make vowel-like sounds like humans, suggesting speech may date back 25 million years Japan Times – Jan. 11 Baboons make sounds that are similar to the vowels a,e,i,o and u, researchers said Wednesday, suggesting that some monkeys have had the physical capacity for language for millions of years. The findings in the… Read more »

A&S in the News — Jan. 1–6

China’s Largest Freshwater Lake Is Shrinking Huffington Post – Jan. 3 China’s largest freshwater lake is under serious threat, and it seems no one can agree on how to save it. Poyang Lake can swell to over 1,700 square miles, an area larger than Rhode Island. But photographs released by China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency… Read more »

A&S in the News – Dec. 16–31

As China’s Largest Freshwater Lake Shrinks, Solution Faces Criticism New York Times – Dec. 28 Long celebrated as China’s largest freshwater lake, Poyang reaches more than three times the expanse of Los Angeles in the summer wet season. It is home to the rare Yangtze finless porpoise, and its mud flats are the primary winter… Read more »

A&S in the News – Dec. 10–16

Little aliens in Death Valley? Yes, the proof’s in the original ‘Star Wars’ Las Vegas Review-Journal – Dec. 10 You can’t see “Rogue One” just yet, so here’s another “Star Wars” story for you: A long time ago in a desert outpost not so far from Las Vegas, seven lucky kids got to skip class… Read more »

A&S in the News – Dec. 3–9

Trump: A new kind of president Florence Times Daily – Dec. 4 President-elect Donald Trump’s grasp of the Constitution might not be very good, or he might simply be saying what his supporters want to hear. Trump a week ago said those who burn the United States flag should be punished with jail time or… Read more »

A&S in the News – Nov. 26–Dec. 2

The difference between ‘alt-right’ and ‘neo-Nazi’, explained USA Today – Nov. 23 If you’ve even been following the news a little bit over the past few weeks, you should have encountered the term alternative right, or alt-right for short. But what about these other terms that are resurfacing in the wake of the election? What’s… Read more »

A&S in the News – Nov. 19-25

GEORGE HAWLEY: Win or lose, Trump’s candidacy will have lasting impact on conservatism Missourian – Nov. 8 Hours before polls closed on Tuesday, George Hawley, assistant professor of political science at the University of Alabama, joked that he was analyzing the future of the American Right “three or four hours too early.” Hawley, whose research… Read more »

A&S in the News – Nov. 12–18

University of Alabama students to present dance show Tuscaloosa News – Nov. 12 The University of Alabama department of theater and dance will present a show next week featuring more than 20 student-choreographed works. “Dance Alabama!” is scheduled to run at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 15-17 and at 5:30 p.m. Nov. 18 in the auditorium at… Read more »

A&S in the News – Nov. 5-11

Performing arts center designs approved Tuscaloosa News – Nov. 6 The chair of the University of Alabama theatre and dance department predicts the new $60-million performing arts center planned for the historic Bryce campus will have an immediate impact on students as a cutting-edge learning center, while also providing a more inviting venue for theater-goers…. Read more »