The Collegian 2016

The Legacy of Harper Lee

In the wake of Rosa Parks’ famous bus ride and the landmark Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education, young Harper Lee wrote the first iteration of To Kill a Mockingbird—an unforgettable story of racial injustice, loosely based on Lee’s Alabama hometown and the 1930s Scottsboro rape trials. Mockingbird preceded the Civil Rights Movement… Read more »

Freedom and Fire! A Civil War Story

When Colonel Thomas M. Johnston and the Second Michigan Cavalry arrived in Tuscaloosa in 1865, they carried with them orders to destroy The University of Alabama—the Confederacy’s makeshift West Point at the time. The war was nearly over—Johnston arrived only five days before the surrender at Appomattox—and professors like Andre DeLoffré pleaded for campus, especially… Read more »

The Next Generation of Scientists: Hands-on outreach encourages middle school students to consider careers in science

When Dr. Laura Reed passed around two dozen photos of racially and gender diverse UA students to a classroom of seventh graders, she asked them to choose which ones were scientists and which ones weren’t. The kids responded with comments like, “This person is wearing big earrings, so she couldn’t possibly be a scientist,” but,… Read more »

Police and the Polls: Student Receives First-Ever Pre-Doctoral Fellowship at Brown University

Brandon Davis, a doctoral student in the Department of Political Science, recently received a paid pre-doctoral fellowship from Brown University to study how negative experiences with the criminal justice system keep people from voting—and hinder political involvement in general. While research has shown how incarceration negatively impacts political participation, Davis looks more closely at how… Read more »

Racing in Rio

When recent graduate and first-time Olympian Alex Amankwah moved to the United State as an eight-year-old, he said that he expected to see futuristic marvels like flying cars and hoverboards. He had grown up in a poor part of Ghana, and his mother brought him to Los Angeles, California, so he and his family could… Read more »

The Great Pringles Challenge

What is the shape of a Pringles potato chip? According to UA professor and chair of the Department of Mathematics, Dr. David Cruz-Uribe, it looks like a hyperbolic paraboloid. In fact the two look so similar that many math professors refer to the chip when describing a hyperbolic paraboloid to their students, but Cruz-Uribe says… Read more »