Tiny Giant

There are three things always at the tip of Pam McCollough’s tongue—The University of Alabama, adversity, and her mom. In the fall, especially, the University rolls off her tongue like drumsticks on a snare beginning the national anthem, and rightfully so. Since 1984, the year she graduated from law school, it’s been her tradition to attend nearly… Read more »

Bridging the Gap

Growing up, Seth Panitch thought he would be a doctor like his father. He dreamed of going to medical school and was familiar with the apprenticeship-like process of residency that allows young professionals to apply their academic training in the real world. But when Panitch, now the director of UA’s acting programs, pursued theatre instead… Read more »

Kayaking Down the Black Warrior: Student joins alum to raise awareness of aquatic ecosystems

At 5:30 every morning for more than two weeks, senior Collin Williams and environmental science alumnus Chris Cochrane woke up, disassembled their camp, and kayaked into the Black Warrior River. Their goal? Raise awareness of Alabama’s aquatic ecosystems by getting from Tuscaloosa to Mobile entirely on the strength of the current and their ability to… Read more »

The Legacy of Harper Lee

In the wake of Rosa Parks’ famous bus ride and the landmark Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education, young Harper Lee wrote the first iteration of To Kill a Mockingbird—an unforgettable story of racial injustice, loosely based on Lee’s Alabama hometown and the 1930s Scottsboro rape trials. Mockingbird preceded the Civil Rights Movement… Read more »

Racing in Rio

When recent graduate and first-time Olympian Alex Amankwah moved to the United State as an eight-year-old, he said that he expected to see futuristic marvels like flying cars and hoverboards. He had grown up in a poor part of Ghana, and his mother brought him to Los Angeles, California, so he and his family could… Read more »

Broadway Breakthroughs: Alumnus Plays Lead Role in Hamilton

UA alum Michael Luwoye hasn’t just made it to Broadway; he’s playing the lead role in Hamilton—the new musical sensation that The New York Times says “is on track to become one of the biggest critical and commercial hits in Broadway history.” Hamilton—an unlikely pairing of hip hop and history—tells the story of founding father… Read more »

Contemporary Realist Dale Kennington Returns to UA

From sun up to sun down, contemporary realist Dale Kennington is in her studio painting. “I get up in the morning; I have a cup of coffee; I walk back into the studio; and I paint until it gets dark in the afternoon,” Kennington said. “And since the days are longer in the summer, I’m… Read more »

Degrees for Dorothy: The Story of a Lifelong Learner

At the ripe age of 78 years old, Dorothy Franklin received her Ph.D. in interdisciplinary studies—her third UA degree in the last 17 years. In 1957, Franklin was only 19 years old and finishing up her freshman year at Huntington College in Montgomery when she got married. The new couple moved to Tuscaloosa so her… Read more »