Welcome! This guide to the academic policies and programs of the College of Arts & Sciences is based on the questions we hear most often from current students. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, try the Ask an Advisor link at right or stop by the College of Arts and Sciences Student Services Center in 200 Clark Hall to sit down with an academic advisor.


Find your advisor. Meet with your advisor. Ask an advisor. Contact the A&S Student Services Center. Declare, change, or add a major or minor. Use DegreeWorks to track your progress toward graduation. Find out how to transfer credits to UA from another college/university, and how transferred classes affect your GPA. Review A&S and UA policies for reinstatement, suspension, academic warnings, and academic bankruptcy. Browse our advising FAQ.

Registration & Add/Drop

Look up registration and add/drop deadlines. Find out how to register, add a class, or drop a class. Learn about special registration circumstances, like auditing a class, getting on a waitlist, or obtaining permission to join a class that’s closed or for which you lack prerequisites. Read our policies and procedures for withdrawing after the drop date. Find out what to do to get UA credit for classes you’re taking elsewhere this summer.

Making the Most of Your A&S Experience

Apply for A&S scholarships for current students. Learn how to connect with internship positions. Plan a study abroad experience. Look into research, creative, and independent study opportunities. Apply for research funding through the Undergraduate Creativity and Research Academy.


Find out how to prepare for graduation, whether you’re in your first semester or your last. Read our graduation checklist. Look up graduation-related deadlines for the current academic year.