Learn how A&S advising works. Meet your advisor and the rest of the A&S Student Services Center staff. Declare a major. Make an advising appointment. Use DegreeWorks to plan your academic career. Read about A&S scholarships you might qualify for.


Transferring Courses and Credits into UA

Find out how to transfer classes to UA from another college/university, whether you’re a UA student taking classes elsewhere during the summer or a student hoping to transfer into Alabama from another school. Read our guide to transferring into A&S from another school. Read about how course transfer credits are evaluated, STARS requirements, and whether grades earned elsewhere can affect your GPA at UA.

majors and minors

Majors and Minors

Check out the majors and minors offered within the College of Arts and Sciences and University-wide. Find out how to declare a major, minor, or double major, or how to move into a different UA division. Learn what it takes to enroll in one of our pre-programs (pre-law, pre-med, pre-pharmacy) and who your pre-program advisor will be.



Find out how to prepare for graduation, whether you’re in your first semester or your last. Read our graduation checklist. Look up graduation-related deadlines for the current academic year.

special academic policies

Special Academic Policies

Find out what academic bankruptcy is and how to declare it. Learn the difference between an academic warning and academic suspension, and what they mean for your academic career. Find out how A&S handles cases of academic misconduct. Apply for reinstatement or academic second opportunity. Read policies and procedures for withdrawing from the University.