Established: 1831  {We trace our roots to the founding of the University itself; the first courses taught at Alabama were in liberal arts subjects: mathematics, modern and ancient languages, natural history, chemistry, philosophy, literature.}     A&S departments: 22  {The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest of The University of Alabama’s academic divisions, and the largest public liberal arts college in the state.}     Programs of study: 100  {We offer 100 programs of study spanning the arts, sciences, and social sciences. We’re also the most comprehensive liberal arts college in Alabama, offering the only academic programs in the state in 19 subject areas.}     Students majoring in A&S subjects, Fall 2011: 9,250  {The College of Arts and Sciences offers 100 programs of study across 64 fields, including 29 major programs and scores of minors, concentrations, and specialized tracks. Students can also craft their own majors through self-directed and independent study programs.}     Full-time faculty members: 534  {Internationally recognized scientists, writers, artists, and scholars teach in Arts and Sciences classrooms and labs. Our students work closely with professors who are not merely experts in their disciplines, but also creators of new knowledge.}     Rhodes Scholars: 13  {We’re proud of our students’ long tradition of success, which includes 32 Goldwater Scholarships, 11 Truman Scholarships, 14 Hollings Scholarships, 23 Fulbright Awards, and 39 spots on USA Today’s Academic All-American teams.}     Students working independently: 3,250  {Nearly a third of our undergraduates work on independent research and creative projects under the guidance of faculty mentors.}[double-check w/BF]     Cultural events: 700+  {Our performing arts groups — in theater, dance, and music — and lecture programs stage more than 700 events each year, ranging from art exhibits to readings by acclaimed authors to experimental theater.}