Syllabus Requirements

All syllabi produced for courses taught within the College of Arts and Sciences should include the following information:

  • course number, section number, and the full course name used in the catalog
  • class meeting time and location
  • instructor’s name
  • instructor’s email address, phone number, and office location
  • office hours for the current semester
  • emergency/disaster academic communications information

The UA Faculty Handbook provides the following list of additional items (UA Faculty Handbook, Chapter 5, Section IV):

  • prerequisites
  • course description
  • course objectives
  • learning goals
  • outline of topics to be covered during the semester
  • attendance policy
  • the planned number and timing of major examinations and assignments
  • grading policy, including, if applicable, minimum passing grade (Remember that graduate courses use full letter grades.)
  • the policy for making up missed coursework (including examinations)
  • required texts and other course material
  • the Statement on Academic Misconduct
  • the Statement on Disability Accommodations
  • UA’s Severe Weather Protocol
  • the statement, “The University of Alabama is committed to an ethical, inclusive community defined by respect and civility. The UAct website provides extensive information on how to report or obtain assistance with a variety of issues, including issues related to dating violence, domestic violence, stalking , sexual assault, sexual violence or other Title IX violations, illegal discrimination, harassment, child abuse or neglect, hazing, threat assessment, retaliation, and ethical violations or fraud.”

These resources may prove helpful:

Online Syllabus Management System

Allows users to enter course-specific information into a template that includes the required policy statements; users can also create “syllabus groups,” allowing simultaneous editing of several syllabi. Accessible syllabi are essential for university assessment, internal program reviews, and university-wide accreditation. Please upload and publish your course syllabi on the UA Online Syllabus Management System (OSM).

Spring 2016 Syllabus Memo (PDF)

If you have questions about your course syllabus, contact your department chair.