A&S in the News

A&S in the News: March 25–31

The Tahri That Binds: How A Sweet Rice Dish Connects A Woman To Her History National Public Radio – March 28 I have always found it difficult to explain my family’s syncretic faith traditions to both white Americans and to other South Asians. We are Hindu Sindhis, originating from an area around the Indus River,… Read more »

A&S in the News: March 11–24

Are you a liberal or a conservative? That may depend on where you live. Washington Post – March 16 What does a strong liberal in Clay County, Fla., have in common with a strong conservative in Denver County, Colo.? Not much, you might guess, considering how politically polarized our nation is. But in fact, these… Read more »

A&S in the News: Feb. 18-24, 2017

For decades they hid Jefferson’s mistress. Now Monticello is making room for Sally Hemings Philly.com – Feb. 20 When Jefferson’s critics wrote salacious stories in the early 1800s alleging that the widowed politician had a long-term liaison with one of these slaves, it was said that he kept her “in a room of her own”… Read more »

A&S in the News: February 11–17, 2017

CJ Chair Goes Viral Recently, the Criminal Justice department’s Dr. Lesley Reid has seen her report, “”Urban Crime Rates and the Changing Face of Immigration: Evidence Across Four Decades,” go viral across many news outlets. Dr. Reid was one of several collaborators on the report, which concluded that immigrants tend to commit less crime than their… Read more »

A&S in the News: Feb. 4–10

Bumble bees are changing, and this UA professor asks why Al.com – Feb. 8 When reporting on Dr. Jeffrey Lozier, the University of Alabama’s bumble bee expert, it’s best to get the No. 1 myth out of the way up front. No, it’s not a miracle that bumble bees can fly, Lozier said last week…. Read more »

A&S in the News: Jan. 28–Feb. 3, 2017

Déjà Vu? Ocean Warmth Melted Ancient West Antarctic Ice Shelf EOS News – Jan. 31 Scientists sailing on a research cruise in the Amundsen Sea, off the coast of western Antarctica, have found evidence of massive, ancient loss of an ice shelf in the region, resulting from contact with warmer seawater. Seafloor sediment cores the… Read more »

A&S in the News: Jan. 21–27, 2017

Sonic Frontiers concert set for Friday in Moody Recital Hall Tuscaloosa News – Jan. 24 An electronic music pioneer will be featured Friday as part of the University of Alabama’s Sonic Frontiers concert series. Tim Perkis, who has worked in the medium of live electronic and computer sound since the 1970s, will perform beginning at… Read more »

A&S in the News — Jan. 14–20, 2017

Think your dog talks like people? Scientists say you might just be right Washington Post – Jan. 19 “Oh Long Johnson,” a cat once said, back in the primordial history of Internet memes. “Oh Don Piano. Why I eyes ya.” Or so said the captions — appended to the gibberish of a perturbed house cat… Read more »

A&S in the News – Jan. 7–13

Baboons yak ‘wahoo,’ make vowel-like sounds like humans, suggesting speech may date back 25 million years Japan Times – Jan. 11 Baboons make sounds that are similar to the vowels a,e,i,o and u, researchers said Wednesday, suggesting that some monkeys have had the physical capacity for language for millions of years. The findings in the… Read more »

A&S in the News — Jan. 1–6

China’s Largest Freshwater Lake Is Shrinking Huffington Post – Jan. 3 China’s largest freshwater lake is under serious threat, and it seems no one can agree on how to save it. Poyang Lake can swell to over 1,700 square miles, an area larger than Rhode Island. But photographs released by China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency… Read more »