2013–14 Lecture Series

Speakers hosted by A&S departments cover a wide range of topics, from polar ecosystems to time travel

Baba Brinkman on stage

Canadian rapper/writer/scholar Baba Brinkman will perform at UA on October 10.

Global warming’s impact on Antarctica. The experience of being young and black in civil rights-era Alabama. The possibility of time travel. Hip-hop and religion — and a rap guide to evolution.

This year, departments in the College of Arts and Sciences are offering lectures and performances on everything from tectonics and geophysics to the oral history of southern America.

Series sponsored by the departments of geological sciences, biological sciences, psychology, and anthropology examine current issues in the natural sciences. American studies, New College, art, and other departments explore what it meant to be African-American during the U.S. civil rights movement and contribute to the national and regional dialog on race.

One of the College’s youngest series, the Day Lecture, aims to change the way students approach religion and invite them to think critically about the subject. Hosted by the Department of Religious Studies, the Day Lecture was created in honor of Zachary Daniel Day, a UA graduate who died unexpectedly in 2011.

“Those in attendance at [Day Lectures] will get a sense of what kinds of discussions are happening among scholars who work at the intersection of religion and popular culture — whether music, film, video games or otherwise,” said Merinda Simmons, a religious studies professor who helped organize the October 1 lecture.

Monica Miller was the speaker for the 2013 Zachary Daniel Day Memorial Lecture Series.

Monica Miller was the speaker for the 2013 Zachary Daniel Day Memorial Lecture Series.

This year’s Day lecturer, Professor Monica Miller of Lehigh University, spoke about the relationship between pop culture, hip-hop and religion.

The first installment in the Alabama’s Lecture on Life’s Evolution (ALLELE) series brings rapper, writer, and scholar Baba Brinkman to campus. As purveyor of “the world’s first-ever peer-reviewed rap,” Brinkman consults scientists about the accuracy of his rhymes on natural selection, evolutionary psychology, and sexual selection. The result is clever and informative; learn more about Brinkman and his October 10 performance.

The month-by-month listing on this page offers a snapshot of lectures already scheduled for the 2013-2014 academic year; check back regularly for additions and updates.

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